Submission window is now closed!

GOODNESS! Thank you all so much for your support and desire to show us your words! We received 52 entries and are digging through them now! Stay tuned to our twitter page for announcements, and check your emails tomorrow for partial requests or feedback. <3


Introducing Manuscript Makeover!  This contest is COMPLETELY FREE and offered with the sole intent of helping our fellow writers.

The Babes are reaching out to the romance writing community to offer our experience and knowledge.  One lucky writer will win a complete manuscript makeover to address all your story woes.  Have a character that readers aren’t connecting with, a plot hole the size of the Grand Canyon, or technical issues that are confounding you every time you open the document?  We have a Babe for each problem and together we can offer advice, sympathy, and virtual cookies that will make your manuscript shine.


  1. All entries must be submitted to info@3bookbabes.com Subject line should read #MSMakeover, TITLE, followed by word count (example: #MSMakeover, LOVE DOESN’T STINK, 78,000)
  2. The body of your email must contain your query, (address it to us please) and the first ten pages of your manuscript. Please include your sub-genre and age category in the query, and tell us what your biggest manuscript concern is (i.e. poor character development, plot holes, lack of conflict, grammar or technical issues)
  3. Cross your fingers, toes, and even eyes, but there is no need to sacrifice any animals while you wait for our response. Our goal is to get back to the first 100 entries with some form of feedback.  Out of all the entrants, we will each pick our top ten.  Those lucky 30 will receive query and first ten page critiques.  We intend to help as many writers as we can through this process, just be patient as we sort through the entries.
  4. We enjoy all sub-genres of romance including suspense and crime, and heat levels from sweet to erotic. However, any manuscripts with excessive, graphic violence or ANY violence towards children will be immediately rejected.

*The first 100 entrants will get some form of feedback. No form responses here!*


  1. If you make it to the next round, send us the best version of your completed manuscript, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. That is why we’re here, and why we’re helping.
  2. Be open to our suggestions. Each one is made with the best of intent and said as constructive criticism with an end goal of making YOUR work even more awesome.  That doesn’t mean you are required to apply every single change, but just be open.  We are writers that love writers.
  3. This is only for Romance, however, we accept all subgenres of romance.
  4. You may only enter one manuscript.
  5. It cannot be a manuscript previously reviewed by Tia, Marit, or Lily either personally or collectively. (Sorry our beta loves)
  6. We love all our chat groups and members, but in the interest of fairness, if you belong to the same group as one or all of the 3Babes, you cannot enter this contest
  7. The manuscript cannot be previously published in any form.


The Nitty Gritty:

Congrats on making it this far! Here’s a virtual cookie. Now, onto the meat of the contest.

⇒Once the submission window closes (and maybe a little bit before), we will read all queries. Each babe will then pick her top ten.
⇒Partial requests will go out, and within a week, we’ll narrow down to our individual recommendations. If you receive a partial request, it’s immperative you respond as soon as possible, so we can move forward.
⇒With our favorites read and ranked, the battle of the babes will begin to pick our ultimate winner. (Authors who don’t make it will be given specific feedback as to why)
⇒The next step will kick off with Lily reading the full manuscript. She’ll offer plot suggestions and help suss out any character backstory / motivations. After this round, the author will be required to REVISE the manuscript before sending it to Tia.

*A word about revisions. We offer suggestions the same way we like to hear them. What if this happened? Did you ever think about …? The chosen author is under no obligation to do exactly as we say, but rather be open to digging deep into their plot pockets.*

⇒When Tia gets a hold of the latest version, she’ll be checking for pacing, voice, and hunting for places to cut out unneeded text. Again, a REVISION will take place on the author’s part before sending it to Marit.
⇒The final step is a technical edit of sentence structure, a check for word echoes, dialogue tags, and whatever else you may need to shine.

Each step will take at least a week to ten days, but by the end of the process, one of our writer peers will walk away with words that sparkle off the page.