What the heck is a LiveBetaRead?
It’s sort of like staring at someone while they read your book. But not creepy.

We’ll post funny reactions, cryptic comments that only you (or your other readers) will get, enticing tidbits to build interest and hype, appropriate GIFs, and yelling. Lots of yelling if you hurt the book babies. Fair warning: we can be loud.

We Don’t:
Give away important plot points, tell the ending, mention any grammatical or prose issues, or in any way bad mouth your book.

‘Cause it’s fun! We coined the #LiveBetaRead in the spirit of keeping authors amused and engaged. Writing a book can be a solitary thing, so we just want to add a little morale-boosting interaction!

Can anyone do a #LiveBetaRead?
ABSOLUTELY!! You can even tag us at the start if you’d like, and we’ll interact and RT when we can!

How did this zaniness get started?
 began as a germ of an idea amongst three friends. Marit was beta reading Tia’s novel and decided, for fun, to tweet her reactions. It was a total blast, and we decided to see if other authors felt the same. (Or if we were just crazy.) Turns out, people loved the idea, and it has quickly grown from there.  


So, do your own #LiveBetaRead for a fellow author, if you so desire! If you tag @3BookBabes in your posts, we’ll happily RT and comment along with you!

If you want a 3BB official read simply send us a note on the form below, or reach out to one of the 3Babes directly on twitter.